Microturbinas  microturbene biogas
Energía Limpia Microturbinas biogas

Established in 1986 EXI - ELECTROMEC is a technology company and full-service provider in the fields of,  refrigeration, air conditioning  ,  and   the  innovative (CCHP)  Combined Cooling,  Heat and Power, commercial and industrial solutions based on microturbines. As a power solutions company, design, install and maintain systems for, government operations,  communications - data  networking,  medical,  hospitals, pharmaceutical , hotels, shopping  centers, utilization  of  industrial  process waste   as  biogas fuel,   as well as for applications in back-up power ( Secure Power ), primary power, or resource recovery .

As a  cross-fields group,  offering  environmentally compatible energy tech. alternative solutions, using microturbines  to provide   energy as a  cost-savings solution, turn-key installations and  remote monitoring after sale programs.
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